A Career In Travel

Becoming An Entrepreneur

Are you a self-starter, ready to be your own boss? Do you have a passion for travel? Are you tired of having your income limited? Have you been thinking about changing careers for a while, but aren’t sure how to go about starting your own business?

If you answered, “YES! YES! YES!” then let us help you begin your career as an Independent Travel Advisor.

When you join ATHome Training School & Host Agency, you’ll never feel alone! While most training schools simply teach you how to create a booking but don’t offer the most important tools to run a business and mentor their Travel Advisors from the ground up, that’s where we shine. We will even provide guidance on developing your business prospects through reaching out to your family and friends, as well as other advantageous ways to network.

With our training program, live support and resource library, you’ll receive every advantage you need to grow your home-based travel business – from marketing best practices and state-of-the-art technology, to training webinars and the administrative assistance you most need to succeed and confidently plan perfect vacations for clients!

The more you learn, the more you can earn! While starting a home-based travel business can seem a bit daunting, it can also be exciting because of the financial and travel rewards offered. ATHome will be there every step of the way.

Why wait any longer? Your success as an Independent Travel Advisor starts here, at ATHome!

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Enjoy limitless income

The travel industry offers limitless possibilities and robust growth! From honeymoons and family cruises to trips to Alaska, the Caribbean, South America and Europe, become a dreammaker for clients by planing adventures, romantic getaways and exotic vacations, all while having the opportunity to explore destinations all over the world and getting paid to do it! Research by the Travel Industry Association of America (TIA) indicates that travel and tourism generates $1.3 trillion in the U.S. each year.

Choose a niche for increased sales

Since leisure makes up 80% of total sales in the travel industry, there are vast opportunities for Advisors to offer specialty vacation experiences, such as tours and packages for singles, families, romance, adventure, culture or history vacations – or even specific types of travel, such as all-inclusive Caribbean resorts, trips to China, Christian groups to the Holy Land, wine country tours, Disney vacations or the luxury travel market, including private jet or charter airline services and exclusive villas.

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Advocate for your clients

While a knowledgeable Travel Advisor affords their clients the best itinerary and destination options, they also offer access to the most timely, up-to-date travel advisories to help mitigate risk while traveling, as well as saving them time and money by negotiating the best options and deals on airlines, cruises, railroad and resort travel – a big selling point! With ATHome as your host agency, you'll have all the tools you need to acquire and retain loyal clients!

Be your own boss while utilizing our benefits

If you love working from the comfort of your home, the freedom to be your own boss and spending more time with your family, then working as a home-based Travel Advisor may be the best career decision you’ll make. ATHome Travel Advisors set their own work hours, while also enjoying all the benefits of being part of the prestigious ATHome network, such as agency reputation, expertise, supplier relationships and competitive commissions.

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Gain ongoing travel education & experience

ATHome provides our Travel Advisors with a vast lineup of on-demand and live webinars and trainings for popular destinations, cruises and resorts so that you will be able to knowledgeably educate clients about a wide array of brands and destinations. As well, we offer access to low-cost or complimentary Advisor familiarization (FAM) trips to some of the most amazing locations to gain first-hand experience!

We can’t wait to welcome you into the ATHome family!

What Our Members Say

After much research and looking into other agencies, I decided to make ATHome my host agency and have no regrets. I immediately felt the comradery and warmth from Elaine and Lynn. They answered my numerous questions in a timely manner, were available when I came across an issue that I was unsure of and made sure that I was connected to multiple suppliers. Although they aren't one of the biggest agencies, in my opinion they are the best. I'm happy with the decision that I made and am looking forward to a long and successful partnership.

- Aiyana Phillips

I have been working with ATHome (AARC) since 2008. I have been really pleased with the support and training I have received. They are always receptive and helpful when I call. The staff are knowledgeable and informative. They have always assisted me with any questions or problems that arise. I would recommend them as a host agency for anyone who wants to become a travel advisor.

- Jesse Mash

I retired from the Navy and was looking for a way to supplement my retirement and work from home. I loved travel and started researching the business and how to get started. I settled on ATHome as they provided everything I needed to get started. The training, website and access to the best travel providers. From the start you are treated like a professional the staff is very responsive to your needs and provide excellent support. They make you feel special, whether it is your first booking or your millionth. If you love travel and helping other live their dreams, I would highly recommend ATHome to give you the tools, training and edge you need to succeed.

- Joseph Bishop

At Home is an awesome host company to be a member of. I have been a member for years. They are professional and prompt in answering questions and addressing any issues. The company communicates the most recent travel updates and provides current travel trainings. Travel support on bookings and payment are completed expeditiously. 

- Zenobia Cureton

Are you interested in travel? Would you like to help others find their dream vacations? I strongly recommend ATHome. I found them online approximately six years ago and am retired and running a home-based travel agency. The courses supplied are comprehensive and you have a mentor to help you through any rough spots. When you are through with your training, tools are provided for you to begin working in this awesome industry. The mentors during training do not go away after you start your business; there is a team of people providing you with all the support you will ever need. I personally have two very special individuals that are always right here when I need them. When I email or phone, my questions or concerns are taken care of. I want to add we have just been introduced to a new training and booking site that is wonderful!

- Sharron Motry

ATHome has been great. Starting a new travel agency is sometimes challenging. ATHome walked me through everything. Each time I came across something I was not certain of, they were quick to help me. They have helped my first year as a travel advisor to be a successful one.

- Cynthia Seitz

I am new to being a travel advisor. I'm learning a lot. Everyone has been very helpful. All of my questions are answered and information that I didn't ask about is given. You all go above and beyond. I will be booking my first trip this weekend and have five more clients who have requested my services.

- Ronda Grandberry

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